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What we do

We are biotech venture builders. We create biotech companies from scratch around concepts we proactively identify. Operating globally, our main focus is the development of innovative therapeutics for high unmet medical needs.


We are co-founders in the companies we create, together with scientists and other stakeholders such as research institutes, academia and patient associations.


We leverage validated structures, processes and our network to accelerate value generation. We take care of all aspects of company creation and early growth. We partner with investors to take our companies forward.

Who we collaborate with 

We proactively connect with scientists who we believe work on emerging science with strong therapeutic potential. We may also connect with companies where we see potential synergies related to a concept we are working on.


We collaborate with stakeholders such as patient associations, foundations or biotech companies to assemble startups targeting their needs.


If you have an exciting therapeutic concept or an early-stage project and would like our help shaping it into an independent company you are welcome to get in touch. You may become our next co-founder!


Reach out to learn more about how we work.

What we are not

We are not an incubator/accelerator i.e. we do not provide business development services or lab space to existing companies.


We are not a venture capital fund i.e. we do not invest in existing companies. We therefore do not seek inbound deal flow and do not support external companies.

In the future, however, we do aim to provide some early capital to our projects.

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